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Emily Blunt lifted lid on Americanism that made husband John Krasinski ‘disliked’ in UK

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Emily Blunt, 39, and John Krasinski, 43, are beloved in the UK and abroad for their roles in classics like The Devil Wears Prada or the US version of The Office.

However, the couple once admitted John wasn’t always that welcome in the UK, as Emily revealed the one Americanism that often meant he got the cold shoulder in Britain.In an unearthed interview from the Graham Norton Show, the BBC host once asked Emily’s husband if the English “needed to apologise” for “not being welcome” when he first arrived in the UK.

Reflecting on her husband’s attire when he first arrived in Britain, Emily said: “I did encourage him that he would be more welcome if he stopped wearing a baseball cap. “I just said, ‘You look so American!

Nobody wears baseball caps,” she added, as John protested that this seemed unfair.Emily then argued that she just wanted him to “blend in more”, while John joked that he was a victim of “prejudice”.However, Emily went on to reveal that John did attempt to make more of an effort with his outfit choice.“He went out and he bought himself a tweed flat cap and he looked awesome, like something out of a Guy Richie film,” she told Graham.“And he walked down the street and it was like the sun came out, because suddenly a guy turned to him and he went, ‘Alright?’” Emily added, as the audience laughed.During the show, John confirmed that, while “most people are so welcoming”, customs agents at UK airports were “not so much”.

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