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EastEnders' Colin Salmon says wife's illness 'inspired him to take George Knight role'

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Colin Salmon has opened up about the motivation behind joining Eastenders, revealing that he "can't be far from home" due to his wife's illness.The actor, who married artist and illustrator Fiona Hawthorne in 1988, makes his soap debut next week as George Knight, a professional boxer who moves to Albert Square with his daughters to help his partner Elaine Peacock run the Vic.

Speaking to OK! at an EastEnders screening, Colin said his wife's health problems were a factor in taking on the soap role. When asked what drew him to the soap, Colin said that it was showrunner Chris Clenshaw before adding: "My wife's not well so I can't be far from home and so the universe has brought something quite extraordinary and my agent said, I think you should talk to Chris. "Chris was passionate, he was clear, he was progressive, had a vision, and a clear and clear love for the show.

And the people who watch it. So I find that to be the requisite for any job. I just like to work with people who are passionate because we give 100% When we jump, we jump That's the rule.

So to have somebody like guiding us. It's really important." Colin's wife Fiona was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease — a rare lung condition — two years prior, leaving her dependent on an oxygen tank.The artist was placed on steroids and received chemotherapy for the condition, which makes it difficult for oxygen to enter the bloodstream.

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