Claudia Winkleman Gene Simmons Claudia Winkleman Gene Simmons

Claudia Winkleman wants to look like aging rockers Gene Simmons and Alice Cooper

Claudia Winkleman hopes to look like rockers Gene Simmons or Alice Cooper when she’s older.The Strictly Come Dancing host, 49, is not concerned with looking ‘young and bouncy and fresh’.Television presenter Claudia said she was brought up to believe what she looks like is the least interesting thing about her.She told the Women’s Health Going for Goal podcast: ‘I love getting older… I can’t wait to be 50.‘It’s not that I want time to go fast, but I’m absolutely fine with it, and I’ll still look the same.‘I want to look like Gene Simmons or Alice Cooper, so it’s not like I want to look young and bouncy and fresh.’Kiss frontman Simmons, 71, and shock rock star Cooper, 73, are both famed for their heavy make-up and dark hair.She added: ‘I was.

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