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Billy Eichner Received a 'Depressing' Care Package From Dating App After They Kicked Him Off Twice

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Billy Eichner has been open about why online dating isn't for him. After sharing that he's been kicked off the same app, twice, he reveals how the site apologized to him for the mishap. “I’m not only the maker of the first gay rom-com from a major studio, I’ve also been kicked off of Tinder twice,” the 44-year-old  star said during an appearance on Wednesday“I’m like everyone else, I’m just trying to be a normal person meeting people, so I joined Tinder, but then people recognize me.

They don’t think it’s me. They think it’s someone pretending to be me. So, they report my account and Tinder thought they were doing the right thing, so they booted me twice and then I complained about it and then they sent me a care package.” And Eichner wasn’t so excited about the gift.  “Imagine how depressing when you’re a 44-year-old single man getting a care package from Tinder that had literally a T-shirt that said, ‘World’s greatest single,’” he quipped. “There was a mug that said, “Single but loving it.’”  He continued, “The thought was really nice but it was honestly the most depressing gift I've ever received.” Earlier this week, the host spoke more about his dating life with ET when he shared his immediate dating deal breakers.  “People trying really hard to be funny if they’re not funny, like, if you’re not a funny person that’s fine, just be your authentic self,” the comedian said. “I’m not always that funny either but, you know, we all have our good days and our bad days.” As for his preferred way of meeting someone, Eichner likes the old school way of doing things.  “It’s terrible that we all meet on phones,” he said.

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