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Billy Eichner Explains Why He Didn't Cast Chris Evans in Luke Macfarlane's Role in 'Bros'

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Billy Eichner‘s new movie Bros had a disappointing start at the box office and he’s opening up about why he wouldn’t have changed the casting in the film.

For those who don’t know, Bros is the first major studio movie to feature an entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast. Billy acknowledged during a New Yorker Festival panel that the lack of A-list stars in the cast caused a damper on the box office numbers, according to Deadline.

While there was a possibility of casting Chris Evans in the movie, Billy opened up about why he didn’t do that. Click inside to read more… “We could have easily thrown Chris Evans into the Luke Macfarlane role,” Billy said. “But we didn’t because for us it was important to give a number of openly LGBT actors a chance to star in a movie even though they weren’t movie stars.” Billy also explained why he doesn’t blame Universal Studios’ marketing for the box office failure. “There wasn’t much of a blueprint for this movie when it came to the marketing and all of that,” Billy said, adding that the studio “could not have been more supportive every step of the way.

But it was a new type of movie for them, too. When Hollywood takes more than a century to release an R-rated gay rom-com and to do this wide of a release with a movie like this, there isn’t much of a blueprint to follow.” Read all about the sex scene that was cut from the movie.

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