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Billie Piper: It was easier to be a parent in my mum's day

And she said her mum Mandy had admitted the actress faces a much harder task than she did.Speaking on the Happy Place podcast, Billie, who has three children, said: "She is just like, 'I don't envy this at all.

It looks so much harder than when you guys were around as children'. "Which was like their lives just remained the same and we were just fitting into it. "Arguably there are a lot of downsides to that but there was a simplicity to it that I think my mum acknowledges."She sees me really grapple with because it is constant work." And the star added: "It's not enough just to live your life - you have to be really successful."Billie has two children, Winston and Eugene, with her outspoken ex-husband, the actor Laurence Fox, and another.

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