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‘Big Brother’ Evictee Izzy Gleicher On Exit, No Regrets Over Heated Goodbye To Cameron & Corey

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Izzy Gleicher is the latest houseguest to feel the sting of eviction in the 25th season of “Big Brother”. ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier caught up with Gleicher for her exit interview and she agreed that she immediately realized that her quick recognition Cirie and Jared were mother and son — while keeping the info to herself “defined her game.” “I was immediately aligned with them, which, I mean, if I had seen Cirie in the house, even without Jared there, I would have wanted to work with her for sure.

And I think I got lucky that she just was someone that if I had met in any other context, would have become a friend and close to me.

So that was important to me going into the game. Beforehand, I was hoping that I would find a real person in there and yeah, I don’t regret anything about that.” ‌She admitted she didn’t quite feel the same way about Jared. “If he wasn’t her son.

maybe not,” she admitted. “So even if Cirie wasn’t in the house, I would have told him probably not as immediately, but I would have told him that I knew who he was and whether or not we worked together, I knew that we would have had a connection because he would know that I had something more revealing than Corey’s secret about ‘Survivor’ that could have impacted his game.” READ MORE: Jeff Probst On ‘Survivor’ Star Cirie Fields Competing On ‘Big Brother’: ‘You Know She’s A Threat To Win’ After her eviction, she hugged her fellow houseguests — except, pointedly, Corey and Cameron, telling them that she’ll be seeing them soon, something that some viewers have dubbed poor sportsmanship.

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