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Bargain Hunt couple make astonishing profit after uncovering ‘hidden gem’ on BBC show

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BARGAIN Hunt is rarely the place to see huge fortunes made - with contestants lucky to go home with a couple of quid. However, one couple changed all that this week by bagging a three-figure profit after uncovering a hidden gem.

Couple Nathalie and Karl were tasked with buying a fashion accessory and spent £130 on a vintage men's Omega watch. The item - which dated back to the 1970s - was a very costly buy in Bargain Hunt terms.

In fact, there was no little cash left over that their other item was a £20 Clarice Cliff mustard pot that didn't have have a lid.

Presenter Eric Knowles introduced the watch at auction saying: "You paid £130. Let's find out if fortune favours the brave." More on Bargain HuntALL OR NOTHING Bargain Hunt's Charles Hanson admits he's 'a bit of a gambler' GONE POTTY Bargain Hunt fans livid as they spot something VERY wrong with man's item However, the gamble - or shrewd investment - payed off, with the pair doubling their money, which almost never happens with big-money items.

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