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All Amazon shoppers must check this one thing to avoid overspending

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Amazon is well-known for offering huge discounts during its sale events, launching hundreds of pounds off normally expensive items but there's one thing shoppers need to avoid.

Whilst it's not been confirmed when the discounts of 2023 Prime Day will drop there's one step shoppers can take to save money outside of the sales, and avoid overspending.

As other online retailers compete with the price drops and 'next day delivery' offers at Amazon it can often get tricky to spot when a deal is actually a saving, or not.

Amazon hosts multiple sales each year including its branded 'Prime Day' sales and is an active retailer during the global Black Friday discounts. READ MORE: Amazon Prime Day 2023 and how to get best deal for cheapest price Despite the savings, some shoppers end up spending more money on items.

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