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Alex Murdaugh Receives Guilty Verdict for Double Murder of Wife & Son, Could Face Life in Prison

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Alex Murdaugh has been found guilty for the 2021 double murder of his wife and son. The 54-year-old disgraced attorney has been on trial for the past five weeks as the court heard arguments about if he was behind the murders of Margaret and Paul Murdaugh in 2021.

The pair were found shot to death on the family’s property. The final verdict, which came after nearly three hours of deliberating by the jury, found him guilty of four charges – “two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon in the commitment of a violent crime,” according to ABC News. Keep reading to find out more… Alex continues to claim that he was innocent of the murders, noting that he had lied at points during the investigation.

He faces 30 years to life in prison if the charges are upheld. During closing arguments, prosecutor Creighton Waters called out lies that Alex was caught in during the investigation, notably the last time that he saw his wife and son. “Why in the world would an innocent, reasonable father and husband lie about that and lie about it so early,” he asked.

Defense attorney Jim Griffin recognized that his client did lie. However, he argued that Alex later came through with the truth. “I probably wouldn’t be sitting over there right now if he did not lie.

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