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You can now kiss your long-distance partner via your phone - other ways to spice up your love life

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Howard from The Big Bang Theory needs to move over, there's a new kissing machine in town. Say hello to the latest innovation in remote intimacy: the lip kissing device.

And it's here to make long-distance relationships a whole lot steamier.The 3D high-tech device is designed to recreate the sensation of snogging your partner, no matter how far apart you may be.

Simply attach it to your phone, pucker up and let the magic happen. Couples can ‘upload’ their kisses through the mouth shaped gadget, and can mimic the pressure, movement and temperature for a realistic smooch.

We’re not too sure how we feel about this, but we won’t knock it ‘til we try it.The lead inventor of the design, Jiang Zhongli, said he was in a long-distance relationship, which led to the invention of the Remote Kiss.

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