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World's first human dog bed invented for jealous pet owners

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A human-sized dog bed has been created for any jealous human pet owners who have ever looked over at their cosy pets with envy.

The Plufl is the creation of two university students, who have called their invention 'the ultimate napping solution' - that helps users relieve stress and relax, reports Chronicle Live.

The Plufl has already gone viral on social media and garnered a wave of support. One TikTok video of the bed shared by the brand has been viewed nearly 10 million times and fans are saying it's a "dream com true".

One person commented: "OMG, this is my dream" while another said: "If I purchased this, I would never leave it." It was given the seal of approval by one TikTok user who said: "As someone who works at a vet clinic and takes naps on the huge dog bed instead of the couch during night shifts I highly approve."However, with a hefty price tag of £320, many hopeful buyers are disappointed. "I had so much hope it wouldn't be too expensive," a follower said.Though the brand explained in a comment: "Our price reflects the cost of producing Plufls using ethical production and sustainable materials." It is made from four-inch thick memory foam, orthopaedic foam and faux fur to provide a comfortable experience.The bed can fit two people and the cover is anti-microbial and machine washable.

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