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Woman left looking like 'Barney the Dinosaur' after hair dye job goes wrong

Since salons shut their doors once again in January, many of us have found ourselves in hairy situations. During the lockdown, many of us have turned to at-home hairdressing, and as a result, our barnets have never looked so unkempt.

For some, things have turned so bad that we've been left mortified by the result - and turned to the internet for advice. And when it comes to hair dye - it can be really obvious that it's gone wrong, and turning off our Zoom camera's won't hide it.

One woman was left looking like 'Barney The Dinosaur' after her dye ended up going everywhere, not just the hair on her head.

She shared her issue on Reddit'sToday I F***** Up' forum which has 16.8 million followers, where she explained: "TIFU by accidentally dying

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