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Wim Wenders Says Third ‘Wings Of Desire’ Pic Isn’t In The Stars, But ‘Perfect Days’ Comes Close – Cannes

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A third Wings of Desire centering on the angels that watch over us, is not in the cards, German director Wim Wenders said today at the Cannes press conference for his latest in competition title at the fest, Perfect Days. “I don’t think I would go back to the idea of angels, if anything this comes pretty close,” Wenders said about Perfect Days.

Wings of Desire, which won Wim Wenders best director in 1987 at Cannes, and its 1993 sequel, Faraway, So Close!, which won him the Grand Jury Prize, explore the lives of angels who opt to lose their immortal wings and fall to Earth, tending to problems on the ground.

The first installment took place in a divided Berlin with the Wall, while the sequel was set in the unified German capital. “My angels forever disappeared in the sky,” said Wenders referring to the franchise’s late actors Peter Falk and Bruno Ganz.

Wenders referred to the main protag in Perfect Days, the toilet cleanerHirayama (Koji Yakusho) as “an angel. Not many people see him.

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