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Which non-European countries compete in Eurovision including Russia and why?

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The Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner and anticipation is heightening to see where the UK will place. However, despite holding the name Eurovision Song Contest, the competition is open to any country around the world who wants to participate.

However, a country can only participate on one condition- and it is a requirement that many nations do not fit. Throughout many years of Eurovision fun, many non-European countries have been invited to participate in the music competition- one more notable entrant being Australia, who joined the line up in 2015.

And this year four non-European nations will be competing for the coveted prize. So, how can non-European countries join in with Eurovision?

Countries who want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest must have a broadcaster within Europe as part of the EBU (European Broadcasting Union.) If this requirement is fulfilled, then it is up to that broadcaster to choose who their performer will be.This can be through a national, televised selection process, which we often see in the UK.

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