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‘Wedding Season’ Review: Two Singles Fake Their Own Love Story in a Romance-v.-Arranged-Marriage Rom-Com

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Owen Gleiberman Chief Film CriticWhen a rom-com clicks, that usually means it’s firing on both cylinders: romance and comedy.

The sparks fly, the jokes tickle, the situations swirl. But then there’s the sort of comfort-food rom-com-of-the-week like “Wedding Season.” It features a couple of highly appealing actors, Pallavi Sharda and Suraj Sharma, in the tale of two sexy assimilated Indian Americans from Jersey City who are doing all they can to escape their parents’ legacy of arranged-marriage traditionalism.The movie has jokes, like the barbed insults the two exchange when they meet at a diner for cheeseburgers and sloppy fries after learning that their folks signed them up on the same dating app.

It has twists, like when they figure out that they don’t like each other but agree to enter into a fake relationship, all so that the local yentas will stop pestering them.

It has turns, like when they realize they do like each other, so that now they‘re faking the fakery. It has secrets and deceptions, along with a generic semblance of the spinning-top vibe a movie like this one strives for.

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