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'Transformers' Stars Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback Give a BTS Look at 'Rise of the Beasts' (Exclusive)

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Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback are ready to take on more bots than ever before in !«The Terracons, the Predacons, the Autobots, and the Maximals in the same movie?

We ain't never seen that!» Ramos raved when he and Fishback gave ET a behind-the-scenes tour of the film.«And the Fishbacks and the Ramos!» his co-star added.

The seventh installment in the franchise, takes place in 1994, and stars Ramos as Noah, an ex-military electronics expert who lives in Brooklyn with his family and gets wrapped up in a «crazy situation where he needs to get some money.»«He does something pretty wild and… ends up being like, 'How did I run into these talking robots?'» he said of the mission Noah finds himself on. «He's very much driven by what he loves, and the people he loves.

And I mean, you'll see that that's the motivating thing, that's what drives him in this entire movie, is love.»Fishback stars as Elena, an artifact researcher at a museum, who becomes «the catalyst for everything that happens [in the film], because she finds something that's very valuable to the Autobots.

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