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‘Tom Swift’ Cast Address Whether There Are Plans for a ‘Nancy Drew’ Crossover, Detail Spinoff Show’s Individual Journey

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An iconic network crossover! Tom Swift (Tian Richards) may have started his story on a backdoor pilot episode of Nancy Drew, but the titular character won’t be coming back to Horseshoe Bay — for now.“So right now, they are in two completely different years.

Nancy Drew, it’s still 2019 and Tom Swift has jumped forward to present day. As far as the two shows speaking to each other, if they do, it’s gonna happen eventually, and it’s gonna happen in a really interesting way,” co-creator Noga Landau told Us Weekly and reporters during a panel for the upcoming series. “But, you know, what’s important to us is that these two shows really stand on their own.”Landau noted that narratively, Tom Swift and Nancy Drew will continue to share a connection while existing separately. “Like they’re in the same universe, the characters know each other and we’ve put a lot of really fun Easter eggs — if you’re paying attention — between Tom and Nancy (Kennedy McMann),” she continued. “But, you know, they’re such different shows.

Nancy Drew is about a bunch of kids in a small town in Maine solving ghost stories in a crab shack. This show is about billionaires and people who build rocket ships and go to space.”The New Mexico native also praised the two shows for the impact they have on fans. “What links them together is how earnest they are and funny.

At their core, they’re kind of about similar issues of claiming your own identity, growing up, figuring out who you are in relation to your family and your parents and the secrets you carry with you,” Landau concluded. “There’s the similarities, for sure, but they’re definitely their own things at this point.”Meanwhile, co-creator Cameron Johnson teased that he could see the perfect way to allow

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