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Tom Daley Spotted Knitting In Stands at Olympics After Winning Gold Medal

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this year's Tokyo Olympics nearly a week ago, Tom Daley stirred up his fan base when he came out to cheer on fellow Olympic athletes — and get some knitting in.Daley, 27, was spotted in the stands during the Women's 3m Springboard Final on Day 9 of this year's Olympic Games, and he passed the time between dives knitting something out of pink and purple yarn.It's hard to tell if it's a scarf, a beanie or some other item of clothing, but the very fact that the accomplished gold medalist busted out hit knitting needles caused absolute delight on social media.There was also no shortage of love, to the point where it seems that Daley's knitting might truly overshadow his gold medal win in the long run.Oh this?

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