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The Try Guys Say Ned Will Not Be Replaced, Reveal Emotional Toll Of His Transgression

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Two of the three remaining Try Guys took to their TryPods podcast today to explain, according to member Keith Habersberger, “What we emotionally went through…our side of the experience for the last month.” That experience was the very public removal of longtime member Ned Fulmer after they discovered that Fulmer, who is married, had an affair with an unnamed staffer.

Further complicating things was the fact that his wife, Ariel Fulmer, hosts a podcast called You Can Sit With Us with the other members’ wives.

Titled “Ok, let’s talk about it,” today’s podcast featured Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld detailing just how overwhelming the news and reaction was for them as well as the decision not to replace Fulmer. “We processed this almost like a trauma,” Kornfeld explained. “It really rocked our word, but also the ramifications were so clear.

I don’t think that I really ever stopped to emotionally process it. Even still, I don’t know that I have. Because it was just, ‘OK, we have to act.’ ”  He continued, “The fact that it was a transgression that was enacted publicly added a level of complication to this, where we knew that there was this stick of dynamite with an uncertain fuse.

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