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The Games: Pure chaos with multiple crashes as viewers question if celebs know the rules

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The Games got off to a chaotic start on Thursday as the women’s Keirin race featured several crashes. and left viewers questioning if the competitors even knew the rules of the game. A VT of the training showed Olivia Attwood suffering a shoulder injury as she crashed her bike, and the live event, broadcast on ITV on Thursday evening, showed that practice does not always make perfect.

Chelcee Grimes caused a domino effect crash at the start as she pushed off on her bike and immediately fell over, causing chaos as those behind her were unable to get going and some toppling alongside her.

The organisers naturalised the race with a lap to get everyone back into their starting positions, but chaos continued when the gun went off.

Two competitors, possibly forgetting the rules through adrenaline or the messy start, briefly overtook the Derny on the velodrome, with the bike having to put on a burst of speed to overtake again.

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