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‘The craziest thing I’ve done is bleach my teeth’ Lucy Kennedy shuns tweakments

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Lucy Kennedy is confident in her own skin and she’ll be the first to tell you that if she’s anything, it’s definitely not vain.

If you’ve ever watched Living with Lucy, you’ll know this to be true, the Virgin Media star is her authentic self in every sense of the word and we love seeing her snuggle up in her pjs and bathrobe on national TV.

The bubbly brunette opened up about her beauty regime with EVOKE where she admitted she’d much rather soak herself in a hot bath and read a book than go for complicated treatments in the salon.

As for tweakments? Forget about it! The ‘craziest’ thing she’s done is bleach her teeth. Lucy would much prefer to age naturally, confident that she is ‘good enough to last.’ ‘I’m 45 now and I act 12 and I’m very

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