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The 40 baby names set to go 'extinct' in 2023 - including Kate and Steven

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If you're expecting a baby this year, choosing what to name them can be a struggle.Each year, popular names for newborns are often influenced by pop culture, sports and celebrities and these tend to change with the seasons.But there are some names popular in the past that haven't managed to keep up with the trends.

New parents seem to be dismissing some once sought-after names, according to BabyCenter, a site that has been tracking baby names for the past 18 years.Wales Online reports that the experts have identified the top 40 names that are at risk of "extinction" this year, as less and less parents are choosing them for their newborns.

For girls, Kate and Katherine are no longer so popular - despite it being the name of the new Princess of Wales. And in terms of boys, Hugo, Kyle and Steven have all fallen out of favour too.

This could be good news if you want to name your child something unique, as they could really be a standout in years to come.

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