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Steve Carell leaves fans in stitches trying to pronounce 'CBeebies'

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called 'The Eyebrows of Doom' written by Steve Smallman, but it was his attempt to pronounce the show's name drew laughter after it was posted on Twitter.

In a short video, Steve can be seen saying: 'Imagine never having watched CBG. CCGeebies. CB. . . Well, I can imagine it. ' One Twitter user tweeted the nine second clip, and wrote: 'Cannot get over Steve Carell trying to pronounce CBeebies. ' In response, someone tweeted: 'I did not have "Steve Carell will be on Cbeebies" on my 2022 Bingo Card but here we are. ''The silver fox,' wrote another with a laughing face emoji, with someone else excitedly responding: 'It's Mitch Kessler!' after his The Morning Show character.

Speaking about appearing on the show, Steve said: 'I loved reading to my kids when they were younger so it was a great pleasure to read a Bedtime Story for CBeebies, about a pair of mischievous eyebrows causing havoc – something I'm sure we can all relate to. ' The father-of-two – who shares daughter Elisabeth Anne, 21, and son Johnny, 18, with his wife Nancy Carell – answered some fan questions on social media before his appearance.

One viewer revealed a 'sweet' misunderstanding with their daughter who thought they were looking for Duggee and the Squirrels in a forest, instead of trying to spot actual squirrels, and so they ended up on a 30-minute hunt for CBBC characters.

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