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Sinbad Is Learning to Walk Again 2 Years After Stroke: He’s ‘Fighting for Every inch’

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A true fighter. Sinbad is on the road to recovery after suffering from an ischemic stroke in October 2020. On Monday, November 21, the 66-year-old’s family took to social media to share a photo of the comedian re-learning to walk in physical therapy while providing an update on his recovery journey. “Sinbad appreciates all the love and support you have shown him over the last two years,” they wrote via Instagram at the time. “Many of you have asked for updates and if there is anything Sinbad needs or what you can do to help.

As a result, the family has created a site where you can keep up to date with his progress and also provide an avenue for those who wish to give.” They concluded the post by saying, “Stay funky, stay blessed,” and providing a link for fans who wish to help out with medical expenses.

The donation website revealed that the Atlanta alum’s health crisis began when “a blood clot that traveled from his heart to his brain.” After being rushed to the hospital, the doctors “performed a thrombectomy to remove the clot and restore normal blood flow to the brain.”While the Jingle All the Way star had some “weakness” after the procedure, the “prognosis looked promising” until “another blood clot formed” and he had to endure the same surgery one day later.

Sinbad’s brain then started to swell, forcing him to receive a “craniotomy to relieve the pressure.” During the surgery, a “bleed” was discovered and he was put in a “medically induced coma” and “placed on a ventilator.” “It would be weeks before he would open his eyes, speak, or show signs of basic mobility,” the statement read. “It wasn’t long before we realized he couldn’t move his left side or simply hold his head up.

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