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Shoppers are ditching Heinz for this 57p soup and my kids thought it was the real deal

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It's no secret that shoppers are ditching the big brands in favour of cheaper alternatives. With prices soaring, customers are switching from their usual products in a bid to keep their shopping bills down.

One brand that shoppers do seem to be steering away from is Heinz, which has been criticised over 'insane price hikes' of late.

Only last month we reported how shoppers said they were swapping Heinz Beanz and Sausages for the Sainsbury's version, costing a quarter of the price. Read more: I compared supermarket's 52p beans and sausages with Heinz and it's made me angry Other Heinz fans then said they'd ditched Heinz tomato soup after finding a much cheaper alternative at Aldi.

With that in mind I decided to try it out for myself, not just for me, but my children too. My attempt to get them to sample the Sainsbury's beans and sausages had failed at the first hurdle.

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