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Serena Williams Says Daughter 'Doesn't Actually Like to Play Tennis'

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Serena Williams' daughter may not follow in her tennis footsteps. During an appearance on , the 41-year-old pro athlete revealed that her 5-year-old daughter, Olympia, hasn't fallen in love with the sport just yet.«Olympia's doing good.

She doesn't actually like to play tennis too much,» Williams said. «That's a little disappointing for me, but she's actually really good at it.

So we are trying to figure out a way to get her to play a little bit.»When O'Donnell suggested that girls can be encouraged to play sports if there's a social aspect, Williams acknowledged that that may be the key for her daughter.«Olympia loves being social.

It's interesting because, growing up playing tennis I don't think I loved being social, but looking back, I was always with my sister, so obviously, it was super social,» she said. «That makes sense that girls like to have that social sport and it's a social aspect of that.

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