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Scots farmer 'heartbroken' after pet lamb had ear ripped off in horror dog attack

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A pet lamb at a farm near Killin was left with a horrific injury when its ear was ripped off by an out of control dog.The horrified farmer discovered the family pet’s gruesome injury and suspects it was the result of a possible dog attack.Three-month-old Lenny the lamb was found in his field with his ear brutally ripped off at around 9am on Sunday.The shaken lamb’s ear was later found on the opposite side of the fence.Pictures snapped after the attack show the young lamb’s severed ear sitting on a fence post and Lenny with a large wound on the side of his head and drenched in blood.The farmer, who wished not to be named, said her livestock have been attacked by out of control dogs in the past.

In one case, she witnessed a dog ‘run riot’ in her field before it hunted down a sheep and mauled it to death.In another, she saw an unleashed dog chase one sheep into a nearby river where it sadly drowned.Click here for more news and sport from the Stirling area.She said: “I was heartbroken for him to be in that much pain.

Lenny is such a friendly little lamb. He will come up and say hello to people and likes to be petted. I believe this was a dog attack.“We’ve had incidents before where a dog has been let loose in a field full of sheep.

There have been deaths - and some of our sheep have been badly mauled in the past.“Once a dog gets a taste for it, there’s nothing that can make them stop.”In a post on the Killin Community Noticeboard Facebook page, the farmer said: “Keep dogs on leads when near livestock.“Animals don’t deserve to suffer like this because of dog owners’ carelessness.

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