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Sarah Shahi Talks THAT 'Sex/Life' Scene with Majid Actor, Darius Homayoun

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Sarah Shahi is opening up about THAT surprising scene in Sex/Life season two! In one particular scene that Sarah‘s character Billie shares with her new love interest Majid, played by Darius Homayoun, she gets very intimate with him in a way that might shock fans. Keep reading to find out more… Don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled on what happens… During the scene, Billie’s finger goes down Majid’s back and she continues all the way down to his butt, eventually giving him a prostate massage. Sarah opened up about “the whole finger action” scene while speaking with Today. “The camera guys couldn’t even look,” she said with a laugh. “We’re just going to push record and step away.” Sarah says she went ahead with the scene since Darius was open to it. “Thank goodness he was so game for it,” she said. “It is making a statement.

Sexuality and what gets people off is not anything to be ashamed of.” Read all about the big full frontal moment in season two.

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