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Rape cases across Dumfries and Galloway rise by more than one-third

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Rape cases have increased by more than a third in Dumfries and Galloway.Police figures show 47 cases were reported to officers between April and September – up from 34 over the same period in 2021.But the detection rate has also increased from 41.2 per cent to 63.8 per cent.The figures were revealed in a police performance report for this month’s meeting of the council’s police, fire and rescue sub-committee.The report states that the “majority of these (29) relate to female victims aged 16 and over”.A total of 105 sexual assaults were reported over the six month period – three down on last year – with more than 60 per cent “non-recent” and involving a domestic link.There was an increase in domestic abuse incidents from 717 to 799.But resilience and community safety boss, Martin Ogilvie, notes “those resulting in a crime being recorded have reduced” from 403 to 399.The report states: “There is a notable increase in the number of domestic abuse incidents reported to police, including civil and non-criminal matters.“No reason has been identified to help understand why those resulting in a crime being recorded have reduced in comparison to previous years.”In Dumfries and Galloway, officers dealt with 19 cases where people claimed their drink had been spiked or they had been injected with drugs.After investigations, it was deemed there was “no crime” in three cases, two remain undetected and enquiries are continuing with the others.The report says: “The division continues to investigate all reported incidents of spiking as a priority.”The figures also show nine robberies or assaults with intent to rob, seven of which have been detected.There were 35 assaults, with 25 in the Dumfriesshire area.There were 766 common assaults –

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