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‘Rain Dogs’ star Daisy May Cooper once auditioned to be a stripper

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author Cash Carraway, is set in England and follows struggling and impoverished single mother Costello Jones (Cooper), her daughter Iris (Fleur Tashjian) and Costello’s best friend Selby (Jack Farthing, “Poldark”) — a wealthy gay man who is Costello’s pseudo “soul mate” and Iris’ father-figure. “It’s an unconventional love story, really,” Cooper, 36, told The Post. “[Costello and Selby] are from opposite ends of the spectrum.

He’s very affluent, she’s poor, and they’ve both been neglected in different ways and haven’t got the skills to have a normal healthy relationship, so it gets toxic. “But it’s just such an interesting relationship that I’ve not really seen onscreen before,” she said. “That was really exciting to play — and really truthful.”“Rain Dogs” tracks Costello’s efforts to hustle to make ends meet and provide for her daughter, which sometimes gets her into sketchy situations in which she need Selby to bail her out.

He’s got his own problems too, having recently finished a stint in jail. Cooper ( HBO’s “Avenue 5”) also starred in and co-created the British mockumentary series “This Country” with her brother, Charlie Cooper. (Its American incarnation is Fox’s “Welcome To Flatch,” starring Sean William Scott.”).Cooper said that, like Costello in “Rain Dogs,” she grew up in poverty.

Costello works at a peep show — and Cooper said she could relate to that experience.“I remember auditioning to be a stripper when I was really poor and about 18 or 19, and how bleak it is,” she said. “I was working as a cleaner for about 100 pounds a month.

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