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Mum told to pay company back £20,000 after boss spots 10-year-old error

mum has been slapped with a £20,000 bill from her employer after they admitted to overpaying her for 10 years. The woman has been sent a bill for £20,000 by her employer after they decided they had made a mistake in 2009 and had been overpaying her ever since.Leah Francis worked for her firm since 2004 and says when she went on maternity leave in 2009 she had requested a change in her hours.

But The Mirror reports the company says she has been overpaid £250 a month ever since she came back to work and is demanding she pay it back.

Leah said: "In 2009, I went on maternity leave for one year. Before my last day of work, I submitted a request to change my working contract from full time to term time."It was granted.

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