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Mum creeped out as neighbour erects camera over fence

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TikTok user has gone viral - after sharing how a creepy neighbour had put a camera on his fence so he can spy on them. The TikToker says the neighbour is trying to spy into their our own garden.

The social media user is scared he is stalking them. TikTok user _sayra16_ said "So I have a crazy neighbour who talks us lol. " The viral clip then shows the neighbour standing on the other side of the fence positioning the security camera. "We try covering them but he is always moving them.

What a weirdo," she said. READ MORE Warwick Davis gathered his kids to say goodbye to wife Sam at hospital during mystery health battle She then asked: "What is wrong with him?" A TikTok user wrote: "Shine a laser pointer at the lens or aim a magnifying glass at it - it'll burn the inside of the camera and break it. "And a second chipped in with: "Technically if it’s on your property you could take that camera.

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