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Money-savvy mum saves over £650 to spend on Christmas using simple 1p hack

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A money-smart mum has saved more than £650 for Christmas using a simple trick that involves putting away just 1p a day. Kate Richards says she will be using the cash to buy presents for loved ones this festive season after following the hack for the third year in a row.

The 33-year-old explained that the by stashing away the pennies everyday, starting with 1p on January 1, then 2p on January 2, 3p on January 3 - and so on, until she was adding £3.65 to the pot on December 31 - she was able to save a whopping £667.95 by the end of the year.

She says this is enough to cover Christmas gifts for her whole family, as reported by Hull Live. Explaining how she does it, the mum-of-one said: "There’s an app and it automatically moves money into your account for you.

By the end of the year you’ve got £667.9 and you don’t notice it coming out everyday.“I’ve done it since 2019 and used it every year for Christmas shopping.

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