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Martin Lewis issues warning over police texts and how to check if they're real

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Martin Lewis has urged people to keep an eye on their phones as the Metropolitan Police are texting potential scam victims. Even those who don't live in London are being told to be aware as the force will be contacting people across the UK.

Over 70,000 messages are being sent over a 48-hour period that started at midnight on Thursday, November 24. The money saving expert has warned that you shouldn't ignore this text if you get it - contrary to his usual advice, which is to always ignore messages from the 'police' as they're often scams.

Posting to Twitter, the finance guru said: "Spread word. Normally I say ignore texts pretending to be police scam warnings as they're scams.

Yet for the next 48hrs 70,000 people across UK will get LEGIT texts from the Met, don't ignore them." He also issued some advice on how to tell if the text is legitimate or not, stressing that this situation was an exception to his usual rules around scam texts.

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