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‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Emotional Journeys as Contestants Attempt to Find The One

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Here we go again! After an intriguing introduction to Love Is Blind, viewers will get to see whether a new group of contestants are able to find their happily ever after.In the teaser for the sophomore season, fans were mostly kept in the dark when it came to who will be looking for love.

During the Thursday, January 13, trailer, a voiceover hints that contestants joining the Netflix series weren’t only looking for romance, saying, “The whole point is about finding out who we are as people.”Love Is Blind originally debuted in February 2020, two years after filming wrapped on the show.

The series focused on 30 men and women who were in windowless rooms, called pods, that allowed them to talk to potential partners and form connections without knowing what the other person looked like.Hosts Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey guided the contestants through the speed-dating as people coupled off and prepared to get engaged less than two weeks later.

The couple returned for season 2.Season 1 featured several success stories. Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, for their part, celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in July 2021 after they participated in the Netflix series. Matt Barnett and Amber Pike were another perfect match who stayed together after a dramatic love triangle with Jessica Batten.Batten, 36, meanwhile had a more difficult experience on the show when she ended up leaving her then-fiancé, Mark Cuevas, at the altar.

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