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Love Is Blind’s Bartise Thinks He and Cole Were ‘Both Attacked’ at the Reunion: ‘Cole Was More Deceitful’

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Sharing his experience. Bartise Bowden thinks that his fellow Love Is Blind alums were a bit hard on him and Cole Barnett during the Netflix series’ reunion episode.“I think we were both attacked.

They aggressively attacked Cole,” Bartise, 27, exclusively told Us Weekly on Monday, November 21. “But here’s the deal, Cole was, like, fighting back.

I just sat there. I was like, ‘You guys are right. Like, whatever you’re saying, I literally did. So, are you gonna beat a dead horse at this point or are we moving on?’”The Texas native proposed to Nancy Rodriguez during the pod phase of the reality dating show’s third season, which premiered in October.

He and the speech pathologist, 33, had their ups and downs and Bartise ultimately said “no” on their wedding day.“I think Nancy brought this up [during the reunion], I don’t know if they aired it, but she was like, ‘The difference between Bartise and Cole was [that] Bartise was brutally honest and kind of an asshole to your face,” the CPA told Us.“Meanwhile, the girls had this thought that Cole was more deceitful and undermining and so he was there defending himself.

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