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Lorraine Kelly slams Gwyneth Paltrow's sex toy gift idea for Father's Day

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TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has hit out at Gwyneth Paltrow on her ITV show following the latest edition from the Hollywood actress' wellness brand Goop.The Scots television icon, 63, was left completely unimpressed with the brand's Father's Day Gift Guide, with one item particularly sending the breakfast telly host into a frenzy and it wasn't just the eye-watering cost.She began: "Gwyneth Paltrow, never fails does she?

Her Goop thing has released a Father's Day gift guide, and for goodness' sake, their latest offering - I'm not kidding you - includes a £10,000 Rolex, £50,000 Arctic Circle trip, but the gift that has got everyone talking, and not in a good way, is giving your dad a sex toy costing £160."And apparently they suggest that you buy this sex toy, I shall leave it to your imagination as to where that sex toy goes...

you can guess, for your dad!""Stop it! Gwyneth stop! You've gone too far, it has to stop right now. Your dad would never speak to you again!" Lorraine added, as reports the Mirror.It isn't the first time Lorraine has been left horrified by the 50-year-old's lifestyle brand after Hollywood reporter Ross King listed off the items in a Good Christmas gift guide back in 2020.The expensive guide included toilet paper priced at £26, a lamp made out of bread, a special bag to store watermelons and a speaker to listen to plants."Honestly!" Lorraine fumed. "You can get sustainable bog roll a lot cheaper than that!

I don't want a lamp made of bread - though I suppose it would be handy if you wanted a snack."Referencing Goop's now infamous vagina facials and vagina-scented candles, Lorraine added: "I don't want any of those nonsense things you shove up yourself either thanks!"Meanwhile, Lorraine will be taking

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