Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Maya Wiley Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Maya Wiley

Letters to the Editor — June 11, 2021

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The Issue: Maya Wiley’s call to reduce NYPD funding, even as she benefits from private security.Brilliant mayoral candidate Maya Wiley declared that, if elected mayor, she will defund the NYPD by a staggering $1 billion (“Not Maya problem!” June 8).However, this candidate has neglected to say that she lives in a posh Brooklyn neighborhood that is patrolled and protected by a private security firm.Wiley wants to reduce the manpower of those who are there to protect you and me, but she considers herself too elite for the everyday police protection we depend on.Leave it to the No. #1 hypocritical phony, Rep.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, to back Wiley and her crazy liberal agenda.I say, forget Wiley. New Yorkers deserve a heck of a lot better than.

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