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Kelsea Ballerini releases new album 'Subject to Change' after divorce from Morgan Evans

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Kelsea Ballerini released her fourth studio album, "Subject to Change" Sept. 23, shortly after the country superstar announced her split with fellow country singer Morgan Evans.

The last album Ballerini released was her 2020 album "Kelsea." She posted on Instagram sharing her feelings about the album's release and how proud she is of the work she put into it.  "if I'm honest, growing up it kinda hurts like hell…and for me, it sounds like this.

internal observations, drunken conversations, diehard friendships, jumping in hopeful, owning the cringe, doing my best, discovering the good stuff isn't always grandiose, falling on my face, being a show pony, taking inventory of what i have…and ultimately welcoming change when it comes," Ballerini wrote on her Instagram post.  "i'm proud of this record and the story it tells," she continued. "here's my last two years, and here's the turning of a page.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE IS OUT NOW."  Kelsea Ballerini released her newest album, "Subject to Change," Sept. 23. (Santiago Felipe/Getty Images) The new album features 15 songs, including "Love is a Cowboy," "Heartfirst," "Marilyn" and "You're Drunk, Go Home," which features Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce.

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