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Kelis “happy” Beyoncé removed ‘Milkshake’ interpolation from ‘Renaissance’ track: “I won”

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Kelis has responded to the news that Beyoncé has removed the interpolation of ‘Milkshake’ from ‘Renaissance’ track ‘Energy’, after Kelis claimed elements of the song were used without her permission or proper credit.Earlier this week, ‘Renaissance’ was updated on streaming platforms to remove the interpolation, following Kelis referring to its use as “theft”.

While the official credits for ‘Energy’ mention that ‘Milkshake’ is interpolated on it, only The Neptunes – Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo – who wrote and produced the song, are credited as songwriters.

Kelis is referenced only as having “performed” the song.Now, in a recent Instagram post, Kelis has acknowledged the interpolation’s removal from ‘Energy’.

On a post unrelated to the matter, the singer replied to several comments – presumably from Beyoncé fans – taking a dig at her for drawing the interpolation to attention.“You happy Beyoncé took the sample off??

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