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Kanye West shares TikTok insulting Gigi Hadid that calls her a 'cabbage patch' doll amid feud

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Kanye West reposted a TikTok video on his Instagram earlier Friday in which the rapper Azealia Banks harshly compared Gigi Hadid to her younger sister Bella Hadid.The 31-year-old musician called the mother of one a 'cabbage patch' while Bella was 'the doll.' The 43-year-old rapper and fashion designer, also known as Ye, chose to share the clip amid his ongoing feud with Gigi.

Repost: Kanye West, also known as Ye, 43, reposted a TikTok originally shared by Azealia Banks, in which she unfavorably compared Gigi Hadid to her younger sister, Bella HadidThe supermodel, 27, recently commented that Ye was 'a bully' after he lashed out at Vogue editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson when she called his White Lives Matter merchandise presented during Paris Fashion Week 'violent' and 'dangerous.' The Heartless singer shared the short clip onto her Instagram story, with a previous caption on the video that read, 'i'm sorry gigi but this is the one of the funniest videos i've ever seen.'  Azealia, known for hit songs such as 212, could be heard stating directly to the camera, 'Gigi Hadid, you are not the doll.

Bella Hadid is the doll.'The singer continued by adding, 'You're the cabbage patch. She's the Barbie. You're the cabbage patch.' At the end, she referenced to the Brady brunch characters. 'She's Marcia and you're Jan.' Kanye himself didn't add any further caption to the reposted TikTok video, but earlier Friday via his Instagram, he also called the model a 'Karen' and typed, 'YOU WERE BORN WITH A SILVER SPOON IN YOUR MOUTH YOURE A ZOMBIE.'  Feud: The TikTok was reposted amid ongoing drama between the rapper and model following his Paris Fashion Show on Monday; seen October 2 in Paris Contents: During the short clip, the singer called.

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