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Kanye West shares texts with former collaborator Tremaine Emory about late friend Virgil Abloh

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Kanye West shared several screenshots from an alleged 'abbreviated conversation' with Tremaine Emory to his Instagram account on Friday.The 45-year-old was previously called out in a post that was shared to the 41-year-old designer's Instagram account earlier this week, in which he expressed that the rapper did not care about Virgil Abloh and spoke negatively of him prior to his death.The Stronger rapper went on to defend himself in the alleged conversation and remarked that he was a great admirer of the late fashion industry figure and was 'jealous' of what he achieved during his career, even as he lambasted his fashion designs in the same conversation.

Letting everyone see: Kanye West shared several screenshots from an alleged 'abbreviated conversation' with Tremaine Emory to his Instagram account on Friday.

The rapper, 45, who was called out by Emory earlier this week, defended his 'love' of his late friend Virgil Abloh, even while blasting his designsEmory was said to have started the conversation and began by criticizing West for his conduct during the final stages of Abloh's life.The rapper expressed that, although he 'hated Virgil's designs,' his former collaborator felt the same way, and that he was never informed with certainty that the designer was battling cancer.

The Bound 2 songwriter also wrote that he 'scrame at Virgil, I was jealous of Virgil, I felt betrayed and lied to by Virgil [sic],' although he clarified that he also had 'love' for the late fashion industry figure.

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