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‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Slowly but Surely Crosses $1 Billion Globally

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Rebecca Rubin Film and Media Reporter Never doubt dinosaurs. “Jurassic World Dominion,” the latest installment in Universal’s Tyrannosaurus-sized film franchise, has finally crossed $1 billion globally.

It took more than four months to get there, making “Dominion” one of the slowest films to gross $1 billion in its original run.

Other blockbusters that reached $1 billion after three months, or longer, of playing on the big screen include “Finding Dory,” “Zootopia” and “Frozen.” That’s relatively quick compared to “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” which needed at least two decades and a few re-releases to join the club.

But hey, a win is a win. To date, “Jurassic World Dominion” has collected $376 million at the domestic box office and $624 million internationally.

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