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John Stamos Opens Up About Being ‘Angry For A Minute’ When The Olsen Twins Didn’t Return For ‘Fuller House’

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John Stamos is setting the record straight on his feelings about the Olsen twin’s absence from the “Fuller House” spin-off. While chatting on the “And That’s What You Really Missed” podcast with “Glee” alum Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz, Stamos shed light on the backstory behind his subtle fallout with the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 36. “We hadn’t really seen ’em much, I mean we stayed in touch with them a little bit, but Bob [Saget] really did, and they were so great,” said Stamos, 59. “And they said all the things, probably what you guys got to hear, ‘We loved it.'” READ MORE: John Stamos Reveals He Once Got The Olsen Twins Fired From ‘Full House’ The TV star then mentioned the rumours that the iconic twins did not enjoy their time growing up in the spotlight on the massively successful “Full House” series and how he was initially angry when they didn’t want to return to the “Fuller House” reboot in 2016. “‘Cause you hear rumours, you’d see, oh, they hated their childhood or they hated being on the show, or whatever.

And we’re just like, ‘Ok,'” he shared. “And when I did ‘Fuller House’, they didn’t wanna come back, and I was angry for a minute and that got out,” addressed Stamos. READ MORE: John Stamos To Talk Losing His ‘Best Friend’ Bob Saget In Upcoming Memoir However, the actor then explained how he, Mary-Kate, and Ashley Olsen reconnected and reconciled. “But, they’re just like, ‘We loved you guys, we loved our childhood, we loved being with you.’ They came over to my house and they brought a porkchop and sage.

I don’t know why, but thank you.” ‘That sounds on-brand,’ quipped host Ushkowitz. “So that was really nice. We stayed very close.”

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