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Joe Duffy marks decision to stop saying ‘wash yer hands’ with a rather strange poem he wrote

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Joe Duffy has been telling the nation to wash their hands since the pandemic really took hold in March of 2020. The Liveline presenter was at the forefront of getting the nation to wash their hands by mentioning it pretty much every time he called out the show’s text number.

But with the vaccine rollout now in full flight and COVID seemingly in retreat, the presenter has announced he’s going to stop telling his listeners to wash their hands.

And to mark the occasion he has penned a poem which he read out on air. You can check out his homage to what he has dubbed the ‘hand-emic’ below: WASH YER HANDS The job in hand was to  To hand write a poem about   (51551 Wash yer) hands,  Don’t know if I heard it, first-hand  Second hand or third

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