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Jenna Dewan Reacts to Being Part of JoJo Siwa's 'Gay Awakening'

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Jenna Dewan has seen JoJo Siwa's «gay awakening» video as part of the TikTok trend «One Thing About Me,» and the star is absolutely honored.The 41-year-old actress posted a reaction video on TikTok and the various expressions on her face said it all.

In the side-by-side video, Dewan's reacting in real-time to Siwa's video, in which the social media star revealed that Dewan performing a inspired number on is something she obsessed over and «pretty much watched it every day.»Dewan, at first, is watching intently before she starts getting into a groove.

It's not long before she starts smiling and laughing hysterically as Siwa tells her Dewan story. She's clearly touched by the gesture, so much so that the actress raises her hand as if to give Siwa a virtual high-five.In the caption, Dewan wrote, «Jojo i have never been more honored…!!!.

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