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Jeffrey Dahmer's Lawyer Recounts Spending Hours Interviewing the Serial Killer: 'I Had Nightmares'

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Jeffrey Dahmer continues to grow following the release of the Netflix true-crime limited series,, he is the subject of the new docuseries,, which offers additional perspectives on the serial killer’s murders.

One of them is Wendy Patrickus, who was a young attorney when she was tasked with spending over 30 hours with Dahmer, interviewing him about his life and crimes. “I felt like Clarice Starling in ,” Patrickus says in the first episode of the three-part documentary, before detailing her experience sitting across the table from her client from July to October 1991, trying to absorb all the gruesome details Dahmer revealed about the 17 men and teenage boys he killed over a 13-year span.

In order to get all the information that she got out of him, Patrickus says she had to convince him “that I’m not somebody sitting here judging him.” In fact, she had to build a trust with him so that he felt comfortable opening up to her for as long as he did. “He called me Wendy, and I called him Jeff,” she recounts. “Jeff wanted to identify all the victims,” Patrickus reveals.

Not only that, but he also recounted what was going through his head as he murdered each of his victims. And at times, “that was more than I could stand,” she says of hearing the specifics around how he killed them.

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