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Jack Buchanan: How 'Britain's forgotten star' died and the 'persistent' symptom to spot

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cinema, the actor went on to star in around three dozen films in his career. Having been dubbed "Britain's biggest forgotten star" due to the likes of Fred Astaire dominating the screen and stage, it was the sad demise of Buchanan or "Mr Mayfair" as he became known, that got some attention as it was so unexpected.

The star's health problems first began before his appearance in The Band Wagon. Having suffered initially from a spinal cord injury which quickly turned into spinal arthritis, Buchanan must have been in severe pain.

Despite this his flawless performance and ability to dance alongside Astaire shone through in the film, contributing to its success.

Sadly however, the inflammatory disorder, which affected the joints between his spine and pelvis was the least of his trouble as he later developed spinal cancer, which would eventually lead to his death.

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