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Instagram’s “Supreme Court” to Review Transgender Nudity Rules

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The Telegraph.The post in question was initially flagged and labeled as “pornographic” by the platform’s automated moderation technology, which then “blocked” the post from view.

The decision was appealed by the couple, with the picture being re-uploaded, only to be blocked again.Meta, the parent company of social media giants Instagram and Facebook, has a policy prohibiting nudity or breasts being shown except in limited circumstances dealing with medical or health situations, such as posts referencing breast-feeding, childbirth, breast cancer surgery, and gender confirmation surgery.

But transgender people have complained for years that their posts — even though they allegedly meet the criteria for exemption from the policy — have been censored and accused of being “pornographic.”The case of the couple in question is being used to establish precedent regarding the application of Instagram’s policy to transgender individuals.

The couple hails from the United States, and has claimed that they posted the initial shirtless photo to “boost awareness of transgender health issues” and “raise money to pay for the [top] surgery.”The Oversight Board that will review the policy is composed of lawyers, journalists, and academics who rule on controversial content on the platform.

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